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The Westside Way

A path born out of Family and Friendship.​

August of 2017 there was a conversation over several days that prompted Skipper and Player/Owner Jeff Hannan to take a big, BIG leap of faith.  To start a Mens' fastpitch team from scratch.  With only himself(a pitcher) and friend Matt Wedmore to start with, He envisioned a lasting club where a dream of playing on the same field as his grandkids could come to fruition.  Little did he realize then what was to come.

While a growth process was expected, it was not expected to have roughly 50 guys be part of that process.  After 2 seasons and a year wiped out by SARS CoV-19 the team sits with a solid core, pitching depth, and a family to rival any.   When asked the Skip says "We really have few rules...1. Family 1st, Work 1st. & 2. We don't turn anyone away from the Great Game.  While there are some other obvious ways to be in life, This is the right way for us and those we hope to grow the game with."


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